I'm a mortician who likes to occassionally take a whiff of a dead body

I don't know why i do this as it is incredibly stinky and pungent but boredom drives me to do so, maybe i'm thrilled and entertained just like by horror movie from the stink.

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  • Is this the same person who wanted to keep a chunk of a corpse just to sniff it?

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  • Hey, why not? Maybe you're used to the smell by now. And death is profound. A bit of mystery detaches us from the drudgery of life. I get that.

    But honestly if you're comparing your day job to a horror movie, how serious are you being with this post?

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  • Absolutely despicable.

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  • I suppose due to your line of work it's normal

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  • Are their any specific orifices that have a particular appeal for you?

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