I'm a christian because i don't want to go to hell

For starters, I have my reasons for believing in God, and in Christianity specifically. I've heard the ol' "Why would you serve a God like that?"

I can't afford to piss off an all powerful being, that's why. Btw, this view point is supported by the Bible. Check Romans 9, especially verse 20-


Sometimes, I think about all the innocent and helpless, suffering and dying, all the things that God dislikes, but still allows to happen at the moment.

I saw a Christian relative suffer horribly and die. When I think about these things, I'm grateful that I'm not angry at God for them.

Instead, I feel a sense of awe. Just what kind of being could watch all of the horror happening in the entire universe, and not step in all time? Even the most emotionally hardened of humans might find this difficult.

People get angry at God because they don't realize the way things are. We're not entitled to anything from God, and our ideas of what love is are different from his. For God said, "My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts."

God is rather benevolent, when you think about it. All of us could be experiencing horrors beyond our imaginations, if he willed it at this very second. Instead, he's been very gracious in providing us with salvation through his son.

The wise thing to do, I believe, is to humbly accept God's grace, and live as sincerely and kindly towards the living things he created as possible.

God created everything, and all of us simply because he wanted to.

I see creation almost like God's giant sandbox. We're the toys in it. And as a toy has no power whether a child breaks or cares for it, so we have no power over God.

And if this is God's sandbox, then he has drawn a line in the sand. It's better to be on the correct side.

I've found myself both laughing in despair, and crying my hardest over this realization.

Death has a serene appeal to me, because broken toys don't get played with. In life, on one side of humanity has been the wiles of Satan, and on the other, the grace of God.

The grave seems to be the only place, other than heaven, where humans rest away from those warring forces.

I see history, right now, and the future, as parts of God's massive play. We humans are created in God's image, and some of our behaviors mimic his. We always like conflict in a story to make it interesting. The conflicting force against humanity and God is Satan.

Parts of this post may seem presumptuous, and I apologize before God and humans if so.

If not for God's entertainment and pleasure, what would be the purpose of creating anything? It only took one angel in the book of Revelation to lock Satan away for a thousand years, and yet, God still wars with him in some chapters.

It's certainly more interesting that way, isn't it?

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  • Didn't even read your post.. all l have to say is Relax, The Bible is a fictional book. Hell doesn't exist.

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  • You can't go to Hell for the same reason you can't go to Narnia.
    It doesn't really exist, only in fiction.

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  • There is I’ve four thousand religions in the world today. Why is it that you think yours must be the one to follow. its simple they are all wrong. There is no magical sky daddy that cares about you or what you do.

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  • I used to be a Christian. When I first went to Sunday School, I didn't really care much. However, when they started talking about "eternal life", I was really into it. It started out as wanting to get into Heaven but I then believed in it for real. For several years I was a devout Christian until high school. That was when I found out that some of the more devout Christians hate Pokemon, LGBT rights, Harry Potter, etc. That caused me to view Christianity as oppressive and lose faith in it. I had since been trying to find other religions.

    I guess if you're only in it because you're afraid of going to hell and don't really believe in it, maybe try looking into other religions and see if there's anything that clicks with you.

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    • Christians are not God. Jesus came to abolish the law that people so often reference, Jesus hated religion but loved God and his people who ever came to him and believed in him. You can’t have been that devout if some unfaithful “Christians” put you off, that is why people need to read the bible and pray for understanding.

      The bible says people would twist it’s words for their own wicked ways. This is what it meant, don’t let the flaws of people take away your faith.

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  • it's normal to question these things...

    But taking the scripture in the wrong context can damage your faith and lead you down a path God doesn't want.

    First of all if your relative was a God loving/fearing person then they will be free from all their pain in heaven. To live life is to suffer the bible says that from Genesis, but it's through suffering we should become closer to God.

    Second don't see their passing as punishment on them. What is the point of punishment if the bible teaches there are none of us without sin. So why does it seem people unfaithful lived so blessed lives, because God's grace will extend only as far as their existence on earth. They have it all now because when they eventually perish, they will eternally be gone. It's okay to come to God out of fear only if it brings you closer to understanding who he really is. Everyone who loves their life will lose it, however this doesn't mean you can't love your god-given life, it means you shouldn't hold onto it like it's the only thing you've got.

    Third is that the only wars, mental illness and foolishness caused by the bible is people who twist its words for their own personal gain. The bible isn't a book you should just sit through and read cover to cover. A lot of life's questions, people are always googling for human advice, displays it in the bible. It's reading it, trusting it and asking God what it means for your life. But remember Jesus said that when he spoke of earthly things the people did not believe and performed miracles, even though it happened right in front of them, sometimes in front of thousands. So Heavenly things seem like a fairy tail. The impossible only seems impossible until it's done.

    God gives every human being enough chances to embrace him. I believe an atheist/non-believer gets exactly what they picture when they die. Nothingness, because what's scarier to someone who loves their life too much? To lose it. The fire and all that stuff people assume is hell sounds a lot like cremation. If you read the bible carefully, it doesn't say people will be in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity, it says it will rid the wicked from the earth with fire.

    Lastly the bible says that wicked people will twist the words of the bible for their own evil ways. If you want a true answer and peace to your fears ask God and not randomers on the internet, that feel too modern and advanced for God. The bible has not changed for thousands of years, God says I do not change, but because it's old language people assume it's old news and it's doesn't apply to them. God didn't create us as playthings, why would Jesus go to such extraordinary pain if he was just going to die for nothing. It's a fact Jesus lived and died on the cross, multiple documents excluding the gospels eyewitness accounts prove that. What would be the point of spending his whole life pointing people to God, dying for that cause and then not be alive to see any of it? God created us to love him, and each other, there's no doubt that's why most if not all motivation for everything we do comes from love. No offence to the gospel writers but no writer alone could withstand 2,000 years of scrutiny of every sentence and still be read by millions every day without God's help.

    If you know your wrong, deep down but can't admit it, what do you do? You get aggressive and try and confront others, that's almost every atheist I've met. They say we cause wars and go out there just provoke us. Just promise that you'll ask God for the answers. I'm no pastor or whatever but I can't see someone's faith be destroyed by misinformation and advice from other humans just as flawed.

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  • The Christian Hell is just one of the painful afterlives of a religion. If you choose Christianity, then you would have to suffer the other religions' painful afterlife. Or you're afterlife would just be what an atheist would suspect it is.

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  • I'm an agnostic leaning towards atheism, but if the Christian God turns out to be real I would gladly oppose him. Someone who could end all suffering but instead creates more is undeserving of worship.

    Besides... What if some other random god is real? We'd all be screwed anyway.

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    • The point of suffering is to overcome. If life was perfect, what would be the point? There’s only joy in life because there’s suffering. There’s only darkness when there’s an absence of light. Think about everyone who achieves something, they only have the motivation to succeed out of wanting to escape their troubles. We have seen many times, people who have everything end their life because they aren’t acknowledging the one thing they were created for, to love God. I think you would oppose him because you’re leaning on your own understanding. Imagine a book about a character that nothing bad happened to them, how boring would that be? There would be no point to get to the end because the beginning and middle doesn’t matter. I see life the same... when you fail, when you hurt, when you lose something/someone that’s when it truly means something to you.

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  • Try Occam's razor next time you make a decision.

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  • You won't go to hell. Relax.

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  • Too long, didn't read.

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  • What a sad way to live, god is just a jewish invention. Look at all the sorrow, mental illness, fear, and wars this foolishness causes.

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