I love the smell of raw meat

A year ago I would have believed I was the most harmless person on earth. When I was young, I learned early on in the Boy Scouts that every life is precious. I could not even harm a fly or a spider. I was an inquisitive boy, soaked up all knowledge like a sponge and kept it to myself. I found knowledge to be an important gift that my life gave me, just like the good and bad experiences I had already had to make.

But at one point in my life I changed completely. I became more and more dystopian in mood and lethargic. I lost the sense of wonder that used to be my daily companion. I neglected the friends I had to a point where they wanted nothing to do with me. And the worst part is that I can hardly remember it. It felt like a blast of cold entered me and numbed my soul and locked it in an iron cage. I was functioning, but only on autopilot. And this autopilot made me become more and more of a monster.

One evening, I actually remember it very clearly, something even stranger happened. I came home after work and lay down on the couch in the living room, exhausted. I turned on the TV and watched a rather boring soap that I kept getting loudly upset about. At some point I must have fallen asleep. I had a fitful sleep with strange dreams of a bull creature telling me that there was a long way to go before I would arrive home. Then a few hours later I suddenly woke up in front of the switched-off television. It was dark in the whole flat. I could hardly see anything.

I slowly felt my way to the hallway and switched on the light. Since I lived alone, I wondered how the lights and the TV could be off, but since the house I lived in was very old, I blamed it on the wiring, which must have had a loose contact or something. I didn't think anything of it. My stomach growled and, knowing that I had hardly eaten anything all day, I ran to my kitchen. I don't know what it was, but the whole kitchen smelled very strange. A smell I had never smelled before. I couldn't attribute the smell to any known source, so I tried to block out this unpleasant presence. Then I found a strange soup in a pot on the cooker. I could not remember having cooked soup.

I called my girlfriend, as she was the only one who still had a flat key besides me, but I quickly had to understand that there was no signal in my flat any more. Suddenly the television started. But instead of the boring soap, very strange skewed and distorted sounds came out of it. I ran back to the living room and turned it off, then went back to the kitchen where I lapped up a portion of the strange soup. It was soup after all. What could possibly happen. I ate while standing in the kitchen.

After I had finished my plate, I rinsed it and was about to go back to the living room when my stomach turned. I couldn't make it to the toilet and just threw up on the floor. I felt dizzy very quickly and my vision was distorted according to my movements. Suddenly everything became redder and redder around me and I heard an eerie piercing scream right behind me and a stabbing pain drilled through my back. I fainted.

When I woke up again, I was lying on my couch and the TV was on. I felt very strange. As if someone was watching me. So I searched my flat but found that nothing had changed and no one was there but me. Finally, I went to the kitchen, where a smelly pot was waiting for me, with flies fighting over it. I have no idea what was going on. I tipped away the contents of the pot but for reasons unknown to me, no amount of action did anything to eradicate the smell of burnt meat and mouldy food from the room.

I went to sleep and my dreams remained strange. Again and again I woke up thinking that this bull creature was standing in the corner watching me with menacing eyes. In my last dream it said "You have not followed your destiny". I woke up only to find that the taste of beef had spread throughout my mouth. It was making me hungry. I remembered that I still had beef jerky in the fridge, so I tried to get up, but my lower leg hurt beyond belief. When I looked down I noticed that a whole piece of my lower leg was missing. But the smell was incredibly appetising. I want more. MEAT. I SMELL MEAT. I AM HUNGRY... SO HUNGRY... MY NEIGHBOUR AND HER DAUGHTER SMELL SO DELICIOUS...

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