I love dreaming. do any of you remember your dreams this vividly?

I dreamed that I was taken on an expedition to a crazy island with mountain arches with tons of trees and vines all over. At the edge of some of the cliffs and scattered around the island were these circles with a statues in the middle of each one, each statue uniquely shaped as each person on earth. They would be invisible until you got within a couple yards of them, and would only become fully solid when they spoke to you. I don't remember what any of them said, but it was mostly speech as if they were a real person talking live unlike a recording or echo. They would tell us a piece of wisdom or sometimes just word art like poems that applied specifically to the closest person.
When they finished speaking, they disappeared again until days later they might have something to say to you again.

Me and my explorer expedition were greeted by this mysterious female animal spirit. She looked like a normal person, but there was just something about her that made me feel like she was an animal that got reincarnated as a human. Maybe the way she spoke and viewed life?

She has a little cabin on stilts down by a lagoon that leads out to the ocean. Most of the people with me went to sleep, but I stayed up with her and a few others to watch the night sky. It got ominously darker and darker, more than normal, but then the sky lit up with beatiful turquoise clouds, making it almost as bright as day. IT WAS AMAZING! the last thing I remember is seeing oval or tear dropped white flashes in the sky among the turquoise glow, I think she told me they were migrating animals or something... But I fell asleep in my dream before I could finish listening to her.

I was then disappointed to wake up to my cat licking me on the eye lid.

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  • I don’t remember dreams very vividly and they are hard to describe, I really dream the best when I just barely wake up in the morning and then go back to sleep

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  • Yes. I have several a night/ morning. I fucking love sleeping.

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  • I usually do remember them in good detail. If they're fun, even sexual, I'll tell whomever else was in it depending on who they are and if they can take it. Recently had one about me and my hot older sister, watching VHS tapes, and her wanting to see the movie "10". That became our usual greeting hug and quick-lipped kiss, and a wall shelf of movies. We were in casual clothes, but then she wore her old robe, wide open. We talked in some random fashion, no idea what we said, but, the room, her open robe, long nails, movies, everything else..Were so clear that I remembered and replayed it even after I woke up and started my day.

    Ended up texting her about it, not leaving anything out. She said liked that movie, and did remember, for real, wearing that robe wide open around me when we were alone. Also told me she found it fun that I dreamed about her. It wasn't the first one, either. Just the most recent.

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