I like to watch women pee

i get turned on when women really have to use the bathroom desperatly and have no place to go.. i really like it if they have to resort to going in unconventional places.. (mens bathroom, in a car, cup, public, in the woods) is this normal?

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  • its actully pretty hot to see fluid come from their vaginas

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    • I think it's perfectly natural, because it's similar to when a girl 'cums', but it goes on for much longer! I have downloaded several porn videos of girls peeing, the close up shots are best, as you see it splattering out of their pussy lips! But the best are girls squirting their cum!

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  • I wouldn't say it's normal, which it's not. But I'm the same way actually. I never actually really get to see it, it's more of a fantasy for me. I love watching videos of woman peeing themselves, or on each other. But I don't like it when men piss on them. this is my rationale. As long as it comes out of a woman, it's fair game.

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  • How close do you get when they pee?

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