I like to spot the protagonists and antagonists in films and shows?

With films with characters I'm able to spot who the protagonists and antagonists are, however most of the antagonists I've seen show secret ways of antagonism the same way how it is kinda obvious how most of the times the protagonists are easily spotted as most are mentioned in the story.

More examples of this is when there's a false hero some cases more often the not the false heroes can later be shown as the antagonist. Its kinda cool that I've learnt this huh?

OK, so on topic I was watching things like the Total Drama series the reason why I wanted to was because I spotted who the main antagonists and protagonists were, in that show the protagonists are the campers but the antagonists would be Heather ( who is the minor antagonist ) and Chris who is essentially the main antagonist ( this is because he does not care about the safety of the campers ), another example but this time is a film one I have been watching which was able to see both the hero and villain was Ip Man ( I mean to be fair it was a good movie I was 100% able to see the protagonist and antagonist especially in Ip Man 4 ).

In conclusion, with most of this most shows and films that I mostly see in my daily life shows their unique ways of showcasing the characters ( I don't know if many of you agree with that but hey I know some might agree ). To end the whole topic about this will that be a very normal thing or a not normal thing?, I'd like to know your thoughts ( I will not be mad, I always respect your opinion ).

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  • the best characters are both

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  • You know, people are a lot like crystals

    Take a diamond for example, every diamond meets the standards to be classified as a diamond, but no two diamonds are the same

    Different composite materials, varying pressure and heat, erosion through environment and half life of atoms (or whatever the right word is)

    And people, we all share roughly the same DNA to be human, but through development in the womb, DNA from parents, environment and societal exposure, we're all a little different and showcase different, I'll say personality traits

    I've also likened people to flowers, the spine being the stem and the brain being the petals

    And with me, I love psychology and spirituality and learned a lot about myself, I understand hubris and presuppositions, but I observe qualities in people because it's like a game

    Can I observe things in myself?
    Can seeing things in others help me see them in myself?
    Can I understand different mental developments and other psyche aspects in others/myself?

    Stuff like that

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