I like to eat canned beets and sour cream

Please give it a try.

Drain the juice from the can, add some salt, then add sugar and mix the cream.

It’s so good! Eat like an Eastern European

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  • Interesting. Sounds like a makeshift cheesecake.

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  • I'm not fond of beets.

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  • I will give this a try. Radishes and salt are a good snack if the radishes are fresh/good quality, a filling bowl of them is really only 10 calories max.

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  • I don't think I've ever eaten a beet. So I couldn't tell you.

    Now radishes those are good. Nobody talks about how good turnips are either.

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    • Also nobody tells you how good soup is except they overtly express the opinion that it's beautiful, I can't stress enough I can't handle dairy, so what's with sour cream from a tit cow? I prefer Parmesan cheese and the cheese in pesto, the other dairy makes me go to the toilet a lot. I don't like beetroot and I don't like something Australian and burgery tasting like crap eggs and beetroot, I prefer borshch with blinis and sour cream (from beetroot), and unhypocritically there are exceptions in my diet, I usually just have crackers with caviare, I don't spread tapenade on them, I may as well, I never tried tapenade fully in my life, and I will spread tapenade on crackers, I just don't like pâté considering I don't like the taste of liver.
      As for what's appetising I don't impersonate cultures of foolish old poor old-fashioned people, I prefer value, like American, British, or Irish, I never liked those cultury people, only my culture which is rich, if a humble fool brought me a doughnut I certainly would undoubtedly with my arms not in the sleeves enjoy eating it and eat it as a nice doughnut, but that's because I like Homer Simpson.

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      • I don't know what some of those foods are.

        I am super jealous you can afford that much caviar.

        I don't really put any cheese of any kind in foods because I don't like eating too much fat.

        But I will not drink wine without some good cheese and maybe some raspberries.

        They just compliment each other perfectly. A little bit of each is good for you and some food in your stomach makes sure you don't get too drunk and get the spins.

        As for the cultural aspect I'll try any cultures food as long as it's healthy and it isn't like insects, snails, bat or other weird stuff like that.

        I'm ok with eating unusual animals like wild boar and ostrich but not THAT unusual.

        I really love the cultures that are good at making things really damn spicy.

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        • And I'm not godly because I'm stuck in my narrow little culture? That's what your trying all cultures implies, I think I can do better than that, I'll try itsy bitsy pieces of other people's cultures, even the Syrian slums, and while I'm at it I'll try all the foods of my quasi-vegetarian diet and only fit it into what's Puritan, and be closed-minded to MY traditions and MY religion, eating chicken chili because I said so, and I'll be like you in your face.

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