I like the winter IIN

I prefer the winter, i prefer cold to heat, and it also means i get to wear my £400 jacket which i saved up foor

My friends call me cray cray

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  • I'm going to conquer Antarctica and build my fortress there. The throne room is going to be below freezing at all times.

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  • Yes, perfectly normal. I love the winter times too! Unfortunately it doesn't get too cold here, and it never snows. :(

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  • Winter is my favorite season. It's the most romantic in my opinion. And I love the weather.

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  • I love the winter. And I don't even ski or snowboard (although I'd live in the perfect place for it). I just like the winter because when I'm cold I can still think straight and it makes me feel alive, but when I'm hot I become an asshole. Plus you can always put on more clothes but there's a limit to taking them off.

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  • Yes me too i like to wrap up nice and warm.

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  • Your friend sounds like a crawfish.

    I like the winter too, it's very special compared to the other months.

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  • Hate it.

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