I like the taste of my jism

I'm a guy who likes to have sex with guys. Thats all cool, but whenever I get a h**ndj*b, I have this overwhelming desire to lick up my spilt jism. The first time I tried it I loved the warm texture and taste (kinda sweet - but not to sweet). Since then I have sucked up my seed at least eleven/twelve times, and it gets better everytime.

I NEVER want to suck it up after I have jacked off (that seems kinda gross to me), but now HAVE TO HAVE a 'tasting plate' every time me and my guy get down.

Am I normal ?

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  • I am straight after i jack of if i have some on my hand meh i lick it of so not really bad

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  • No

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  • It's normal to be turned on by sexual fluids.

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  • Cigarette smoking, eating allot of meat and some types of vegetables and not drinking enough water makes cum taste bad and salty.
    Something I noticed and others have told me about the sweet taste of my cum is I eat allot of pineapple and other tart fruits along with drinking lots of water and using saccharin sweetener.The meat I eat is fish. Also I exercise allot.I keep my butt and penis and balls very clean along with allot of fresh air around them because I wear shorts.
    All of this makes my cum smell and taste great!

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  • Its not that bad. If you like to fuck guys then its kind of expected for you to have some desires that other guys dont have. I like to fuck guys, and I love the taste of the jism [both]. Most people who commented and voted on this probably dont find it weird when a girl does it. When a girl tastes herself or her man. But you're a guy, so they automatically say its weird, since most guys dont like it [another guys, or their own] but they should realize that you're a guy who likes to fuck guys. And thats fucking ok with me, too :)


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  • Yeah dude that is fucking yuk.

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  • May I speak for everybody else?


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