I like the smell of cintronella

Yeah, pretty tame for my first post, but I’ve always wanted to talk about this one in particular.

So if you’re dumb and just call them “off candles” like me, citronella is a bug repellent used in items like sprays and candles. (The most notable brand being “Off.”)

Thing is, I’m obsessed with the candle smell. I love it to death. Every year I wait eagerly for summer to roll around and bugs outside to come to our backyard so I can buy some. (I want to buy them for year round just for smelling but everyone in the house thinks they smell god-awful.)

I’ll sit outside smelling the candles for hours. I truly can’t get enough of the sweet smell, but I just don’t know why. Everyone else I have talked to about it either hates the smell or is neutral about it.

Thanks in advance for the input. ;)

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