I like slutty girls

For some reason I prefer slutty girls to proper girls. I'm always more attracted to the girls that put themselves out there more and have had more sexual partners. Idk why but since I was young I always wanted to only pursue the slutty girls at school that no one else wanted. It wasn't that I thought they were easier to get either its a complete preference to me. I'm also more attracted to girls that cheat even though I know they'll cheat on me too. If she's a 10 and shes a good girl I'd rather have a gurl thats a 8 thats a hoe.

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  • I love slutty girls, and if I were to encourage her to continue having other guys, I wouldn't call it cheating when she did.

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  • I love slutty girls and I have had a lot of fun with them

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  • Yeah I would say this is normal. Personally I see the appeal in women that are slutty as being more sexy. Their also usually better at giving blow jobs and hand jobs because they get more practice. But when push comes to shove, I'd rather tap a girl with limited experience so the pleasure and sensations are more overwhelming to her.

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    • Slutty women are better because they're more willing to do stuff. Like having sex in a changing room or something. Nothing kills a boner like a girl thatss like "no i dont do that" yuck

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  • I noticed that too. The username jenny18 is fake for sure.

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  • No, not normal, and also not smart. Probably a good way to get a disease.

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