I Like Him, He Likes Her

Hi! I'm in high school and I have an intense crush on a really close friend of mine. He's straight and I'm very gay. And he knows it, but he always does weird things like holding my hand, giving me piggyback rides, and texts me all the time. We've kissed seven times (yeah, I counted) and he always insisted that I called him his boyfriend. But he already has a girl that he likes and he talks about her all the time. It makes me miserable. I've been avoiding him and he's been asking why. What should I do?

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  • Well, it's obvious that he's not as straight as you think, lol. No straight boy goes around kissing another male not once, but seven times. :-P

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  • Same opinion as Violent. Maybe he's still not coming to terms that he may be bi or or whatever. Or the girl he likes is a fib.

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  • h o r n y m a n

    don't trust him dude-

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