I like her a lot but can't date her?

There's a girl I really like I can't even go a day without talking to her.. I'm really into her but I can't date her even though she's also into me so I make sure to tell her we are just friends.

The reason being i have bad mental health issues and I don't want to screw anything up for her hard. She deserves someone who can be there for her and take care of her, it kills me to write this. I've realized I've fallen for hard. I just know I need many years to recover and if I'm honest it'll probably take at least 2 or 3. I can't make her wait but at the same time I am afraid of her dating other men...

Is this normal

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  • You obviously care for her very much so why not be honest with her? For all you know she may be happy to be with you in spite of your mental health history.

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  • I feel the same way. My love needs someone who’s stable enough and moves at his speed. It hurts me every day to talk to him knowing that one of these days i’m going to watch him fall in love with someone else, but sometimes that feels distant/acceptable under the guise of “if you love them let them go”.

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  • You should confess your feelings.

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  • Youre right.
    Shes better off.
    If you have balls enough to stand up on your hind legs, feel free to date her.
    Till then, joe the grinder will take care of her.

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  • What even are your mental health issues, if they're that bad?

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    • Mental health issies that involve self destructive behavior

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  • Aww, nice. If she's into you too, she might save that place for you, and be there if you don't let her down in 2-3 years

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  • Everyone has issues. Anyone who claims to be completely together is lying or delusional. You need to change your perspective on this. Go into any relationship with this attitude - "if you cant accept me at my worst then you dont deserve me at my best". When you truly love someone you accept them warts and all. Take a risk. Ask her out. What have you got to lose.

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