I know what's going on

I'll tell you what's going on, there are people going to work on the bus, going home from work on the bus, stressing themselves, drinking takeaway coffee, and me in the middle of it all, buying food from the local café, and eating spicy peanuts and arriving at home on the bus safely.

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  • I've never actually ridden a bus in my life that I can remember.

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    • To try riding on the bus you go to the stop (known as a bus stop) with a sign with a number on it (e.g. saying Stop 29) and wait for a large long vehicle (a bus) that stops there, and then hop on the bus and press the button to anywhere you want to stop at within the limits of where the bus goes, traditionally buses have hard shiny brown leather seats, when modern buses now have synthetic, vegan, fabric seats filled with a soft foam. I remember precisely what was on an old-time bus, a string you pull to make the bus stop together with buttons for around the same purpose, a big steering wheel, low height of the bus, not as big as today's buses, it was without wheelchair access, it had a bit of red on the exterior and was a silvery grey externally and was from that company called Man, when now buses are from Skoda. The seats were relatively small and uncomfortable and the interior of the bus was itself uncomfortable and quite a shoddy experience and an acquired taste, and the bus drivers looked governmental and were old men with grey hair and eyeglasses, the buses were slow and it took almost 2 hours for a bus to drive from the northeast suburbs to the centre west city, now known as the central business district (CBD), because cities like that are in the middle, even though some cities aren't in the centre and aren't even labelled CBDs, there's a difference between the regular city and the CBD, where's your city located?, specifically the bus from there takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to the CBD.

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  • That's a good point. I've never thought about it that way before

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