I keep randomly choking on food.

I chew my food before swallowing, but the damn thing sometimes goes down my throat before i have the chance and i end up choking. last time, it was a biscuit and i almost passed out. honestly at some point in my life i'll be eating something and suddenly wake up in the after-life.


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  • Slow down, chew more.

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  • I read a dating profile a long time ago where the girl said "when I inevitably choke from eating gummy bears, I hope they will say I was killed by a bear and leave it at that" still makes me laugh. You might have to puree your food first so you don't die.

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  • You sure you're not breathing through your mouth as you chew your food? That will always do it.

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  • I knew a guy who was insane and he convinced himself he was choking anytime he swallowed something to the point he would actually lose consciousness sometimes from “choking” (a panic attack)

    This is obviously a really extreme example, but are you worrying or thinking about it before it happens ?

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    • nope. i don't worry that it'll happen at all, but it's more like annoying when it does happen.

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  • Do you have acid reflux?

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  • I always say “1 in 10 sips I choke on” Bc I’m always choking on liquid. It’s so stupid.

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