I just want to spit it out, is that ok w u?

I'm done with everything in my life. I'm done with trying to be the perfect daughter. I'm done with trying to look good. I'm done with having my life wrapped around studying. I want out. It's painful. stress is consuming me. I want out.

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  • Life is shit before it gets good.

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  • It doesn't mean you have to end it all. It just means doing what makes YOU happy for once and stop worrying about pleasing everyone else and letting them run your life.

    Perfection is something that no human lives with. It doesn't exist. If your life only revolves around trying to be something that doesn't exist then you'll wind up depressed, stressed, angry, frustrated, feeling like a constant failure...

    The way out isn't taking your life, it's finding who YOU are, and doing what YOU want to do

    There are gonna be people who are gonna be upset and throw a fit over you taking away their control they got over your life but that's just part of life

    Not everyone who is here in your life will still be there years later

    The people who truly love you and care about you will understand where your coming from and care more about your well being emotionally/physically over what they've been controlling you to do all this time

    The people who truly love you and care for you will still be there for you many years down the road. The ones who won't are probably people you need to get out of your life anyways since they're probably manipulating, controlling, and using you for what THEY want without caring about how it affects your well being

    So if you lose those people to choosing what YOU want for once, then don't get too upset about it. You didn't need them anyways

    Sometimes you gotta move on from the people and things dragging you down to make room for new people and things to enter your life that will take you to greater heights

    Do you want to stay in this dark place forever? Or do you want to be free and fly?

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  • I wanted to vote both "it will pass" and "life sucks in general", because there are elements of truth to both (though most things usually do pass, fortunately).

    I've been feeling more stressed than usual as well, and like I just want to be done with everything (not suicidal, but just give up on a lot of things). I wish I could give some helpful advice, but all I usually do is just try to power through the best I can.

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  • All this studying and trying to keep parents happy will need a break from time to time. Take some time, do you, fuck I mean if you wanna spend a day and get drunk in the forest to unwind, then do it, you wanna hang with buds and mess around, you do it. Just after letting your hair down for a while come back and study and be a good daughter and look forward for the next time you can let your hair down.

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  • This wasn't quite what I was expecting.

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  • Highschool was probably the most stressful time in my life. Studying sucks. Dont kill yourself btw. It does get better.

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  • All that sucks balls yes.. your not the only one that has these problems..
    My question is how old are you?? If you haven't already GET A JOB I am full aware of how hard it can be.. but that way there's something that you can get some money.. that way if you're still living with your parents (and if your old enough) that you can buy the essentials and move out (essentials meaning a bed, fridge/freezer, etc., things you need immediately)... that way you can live an independent life...

    I've been there with the stress and wanting out.. believe me.. getting a grip on my life and moving on has been the best thing for me

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  • You should look up stoicism; it's a philosophy that's increasingly wanton in the modern world; ngl, it's hard to pull through with it though.

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  • Life sucks in general. That's how you win life. Once you realize that, you're good.

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  • Take a break and stop doing things for others.relax and try to be happy. Get help if you need to.

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  • Gees, how old are you? Studying? Are your parents forcing you into a profession you don’t really want to be in?

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  • People stress to much about life. Do what makes you happy. When I get to that point I get another job. Nothing like disappearing into work becoming a robot to really bleed away the stress. Plus you get paid at the same time. Its perfect really

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