I just sold my stocks

Im convinced theres gonna be a stock market crash in 2022. Probably right before they raise interest rates. It may be starting now. But I decided to sell most of my stock portfolio. Anyone doing the same? Whats a good place to keep your money in if its crashing?

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  • Given that much of the stock market these days is more of a gamble than an investment.... I personally would say that you did a good thing.

    There are many other better investments where you are not likely to loose so much as with the stock market if things go south; and some of them pay decent rates of return with only moderate risk.

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    • The problem is finding an investment that gives better returns than what it'll lose by inflation. Even if it gains 6% a year it may still lose money at this point.

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      • You are correct.

        What most people don't know is that the Federal Government limits what kind of investment opportunities that can be offered to normal people.

        If you become a "Qualified Investor" then there are much better opportunities available. I recently had such a qualified investor tell me that he has been making 10% a year for the past decade or so on very safe investments.

        You can be certified as a Qualified Investor if you have over $1 Million in assets not including your house and its associated property, or have made over $200,000 per year for an individual (or over $300,000 per year as a couple) for multiple years with the expectation that income will continue in the future.

        Those of us who are not qualified investors... have a much harder time of finding good investments.

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  • I hope it crashes. Would love to buy more stocks

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  • the stock market is doing the same as it did in the 1930 right before the crash, dont be surprise when it does as the market has to correct itself, be prepared.

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