I just learned one of my old favorite websites is gone

I just learned a website I used to go on all the time shut down. I tried checking it a few days ago and it was gone. It doesn't even show up in the search results anymore except for one dead link. It was a big part of my childhood. Feels like an end of an era.

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  • What site?

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  • It happens. Everything, and everyone eventually dies.

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  • I felt that way about the Meez website. Then again, that place was going downhill for quite sometime before they pulled the plug.

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  • I am glad that Facebook and discord are killing websites one after other. Serves the asshole moderators and administrators right.

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  • There are reasons why it would happen:

    - Lack of hosting fees

    - The company can't sustain the website rendering the website defunct

    - The company itself decided to get rid of the website assuming that it was old

    Most of the old ones do not show up in the results forever,so you will expect an error when trying to go into the website.

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  • Felt the same way when they stop using flash & a lot of sites that used it stopped working.

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