I isolate myself all of the time

Whenever I'm in school or around a lot of people I feel the need to isolate myself from everyone else. I'm always afraid that I'll look stupid or that people won't like me so I keep to myself. I've been this way since I was little. Is this normal and how can I change myself to not be so anxious or worried about other's perceptions? Thanks.

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  • It's totally normal!
    You will come to a point in your life (Im not hella old, only 24 but still) where you just naturally look at yourself from the outside in if you will.
    That is if you don't get to be a self centered turd, anyway as I was saying you will get to a point in your life where you'll be able to stop and chill and see how your are acting and literally, instantly change!
    But you have to be willing to do so, like if I'm with my friends, were all guys and there is one kid who is a little fat so I start picking on him, saying little stupid crap like "dude why are you sucking so bad at halo right now? your roll getting in the way of the controller?".
    And then another shitty thing to say after that, there will come a point where you can mentally pause and look at how your acting and just stop, cheer him on and dont do it anymore.
    Same thing with being socially awkward! If you just stop! Realize what your doing, and get the fuck over being so worried and self indulging!
    Not trying to put you down, but you need to realize that admitting your just an isolated person by nature is B.S.! Its not your fault though! And I'm not being a d-bag and making fun of you, honest!
    We are HUMAN BEINGS, we are mentally not "OK" with being alone, it's not in our make-up at all, from the birth of caveman it was always be in a tribe or die alone, it's instinct. So the main thing to remember here is YOUR MIND IS TRICKING ITSELF! Its feeding off of the lonesome and depressed feelings you get by being alone! It might sound crazy but trust me, its true.
    Okay im done boring you, just remember tell your mind to go fuck itself! Don't let it win, your better then that, your literally so smart that your outsmarting yourself!
    Good luck man, or woman, or anonymous!

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    • Good advice! The poster has to make a few mental changes.
      Nobody NEEDS to feel isolated or inferior.

      We are all different, so just accept that and join in with what others are doing and enjoy being yourself with them, poster!

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  • I TRY SO HARD TO NOT GIVE A FUCK. I even dated this guy who was like sartre and learned that I need to look out for number one. I spend lunch IN THE DAMN BATHROOM or just leave to sit on a friggin BENCH! I think I have a mental problem X(

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  • Be yourself & calm down or take some drugs

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  • No its not really that normal, but i also feel the same way too, but i have social anxiety disorders ect. Maybe u should see a counseler and talk about ur problems i'm sure it will help

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  • im the same a little but i do it cuz im a little anti-social. doesnt mean i hate ppl tho just rather talk to ppl whos not disrespectful and has a sense of humor

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  • Yes! Thank you SOOOO much! I do that and everyone thinks I have like issues :D

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  • It is normal!
    the only trick i have for you is probably the one you don't want to hear: Just don't give a fuck about anything. like if you want to make friends just go talk to people and don't be scared of how they're gonna react cause the worst thing that could happen is they'll tell you they don't want to talk to you and they'll be the ones that will look like unsociable (is that an english word?). So go ahead and don't be scared of anything. just always imagine the worst thing that could happen (only the things that could happen FOR REAL) and you'll see it's not that bad. Good luck!

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  • I prefer to be alone in the aspect of I like just hanging out with my man and don't care to converse with others.

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  • It's normal, you probably have low self esteem or a social phobia.

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  • Normal. I do it too, I'm at a stage where I'm considered "emotionless" by orhers due to my isolation/lack of communication to people. Not cus of fellin insecure shy or nothing. I just don't feel like they or I have anything to talk to about. wether it's at school,family, or friends and stuff. Drugs won't help , herb makes me more self centered n would actually care less if I bacame anti social which is kinda a good thing to an extent to focus and reflect on ones self, Maybe a little alcohol too loosen up.other than that idk I guess I'm the same as you..

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