I hooked my girlfriend up with another guy before we got together

My neighbourhood is a pit stop for trailer trucks, and alot of drivers stop there to sleep, either in a small motel or in their vehicles. I used to hang out on the outside parking lot. One of their drivers told me he hadn't gotten laid in months, and promised me a bottle of booze if I could find him a girl who probably would be up to fuck.

Well, a girl I knew had told me she wanted to lose her virginity just to get it over with. I called her, and she showed up. Long story short, they clicked, and while I sat in the driver cabin, they had sex in the bed further behind. It was kind of impossible not to look, and for the most part, all I could see was a hairy butt going up and down. He didn't use a condom and climaxed in her twice. Both times he noisily raised himself on his arms.

The aftermath was kind of undramatic. She naturally left a spot of blood on his bed, and I followed her home after she had found her clothes. Before we left, he kept his promise, and gave me one of the bottles. The girl felt slutty, but was happy to have "gotten it over with."

A few years down the road we got together. I had more or less forgotten about the episode, but now it's coming back in every small detail. In a way, I pimped her out. She tells me it would help if we looked humorously on it all, but it's hard. The guy certainly got to blow off some steam, while I got some alcohol that got me very, very drunk. He had a good deal, in other words. Me, not so much, having had to see what happened to my future girlfriend.

How do I deal with this? It's messed up, but in a way it's a turn on. It was kind of hot when it happened too. At the same time, it's humiliating.

Should I look at it as a sexual experience to be cherished, be angry with her and me, or just try to forget about it?

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  • I question the morality and judgement of someone who decides to lose it to a stranger just to 'get it over with'. Well, your action wasn't that better either >.>

    Just be cautious with her and move on from it. Nothing you can do to change the fact that you pimped her out for a bottle of booze.

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  • You a pimp, nigga. Ain't no problem banging one of your hos.

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  • Losing her virginity the way she did was her choice, and not something you should be angry with her about. No one can predict the future.

    As for you, just let it go. You were young and stupid.

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  • It's all quite sorted really.

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  • Thats terrible that people think virginity is something you have to lose

    Fking disgusting

    Our society is mentally retarded

    Too many damn sheep who just follow what other people say

    Its not the people I dislike, its that sheep mentality

    And the fact that virginity is looked at as a negative thing

    Fking sick

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    • ...but they should be allowed to have sex at 13...

      Are you aware that to do so...they would have to...uh...lose their virginity?

      Make up your mind.

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      • omg you again

        if all your here to do is start shit then fuck off

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        • Pointing out your hypocrisy isn't "starting shit", cupcake.

          I can keep doing it as long as you keep being one. If you don't like it...then don't be a fucking hypocrite. Simple.

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          • how am i being a hypocrite?

            explain in detail

            ok im going to try to be nice about this

            i never said losing your virginity was a bad thing

            read what i said again

            figure it out

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          • omg who the fuck gave this chick 3 thumbs up!?!?

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  • I hooked up with another guy while I was hooking up with my current boyfriend. Good times. I wouldn't have it any other way. We have an open relationship as I love hooking up with old men when I work at the nursing home. Some are conscious, some are not!

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  • I think virginity should be gifted to life partner. Who likes to touch used up body ?

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  • You will just have to move on, theirs is nothing you can do now but regret your actions. I was in a similar position and regret it now with my wife. I actively encouraged her to flirt with some friends of mine and ended up watching her being used by two of them, having bareback sex and having her pussy filled with their cum. She ended up enjoying this so much that she now actively seeks sex with strangers, yes sometimes it can be exciting knowing she is being used in this way but also a big regret on my part for originally encouraging her. Just try to get over it and trust her that it was a silly one off and show her lots of love and respect. I wish I had with my wife

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  • Look at it as you dont give a shit

    The whole incident sounds like it doesnt matter

    If your happy with her then THATS what matters

    The past didnt mean anything

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    • Could you please make up your fucking mind? One minute you are prattling on about how fucking disgusting it is to lose your virginity and then you say to OP don't blame yourself and that he didn't know she was going to be his future girlfriend (which is dumb as he pimped her out before he got involved with her) and THEN you say the past doesn't mean anything.

      Are you off your meds?

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      • maybe you dont quite understand me

        your not using your noggin there friend

        i never said its digusting to lose virginity lol

        i dont know how the hell you're interpreting what im saying XD

        but im saying the sheep mentality that THINKS you have to lose it as fast as possible is disgusting

        i have no idea what your talking about. what im saying makes perfect sense. what your saying, i think you might be off your meds lol

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      • and who the hell are you?

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  • Cant really blame yourself

    You didnt know that was gonna be your future girlfriend

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