I hear things people don't actually say

Sometimes, I hear people say what I really want them to say. (Like "hey I'm gonna roll up a joint")

Sometimes, I hear people say what I really fear them to say (Like "shit that dude's ugly")

And what they were saying wasn't that at all, and it didn't even sound close to it.

It can happen during a conversation I'm involved in, or when I overhear a couple of people talking.
How do I know I misheard the conversation? Well it has happened a couple of times with my best friends. I know exactly how they look like when they lie about something, and when I asked them to repeat what they were saying, it was obvious I imagined the content of their conversation.

I don't trust my ears anymore, which is a shame because I actually have a very good hearing.

Is it normal or am I mad or something?

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