I have this strange ability

Ever since I was a child I would dream about a city. This place is similar to the city I live in. However, the settings are divided into 6 locations.

The first one is when I'll leave my house; within a few blocks later, there's a tunnel that leads to a gothic pizza parlour. How I can describe it is like old black and white checkerboard tiles and the setting seems really old as well.

The second place is the main part of the city. There was stores I would walk by, but one store in particular I would always go in. That being a store that sells old games (Nes, SNES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, xbox, etc. I would always look for Pokemon games to buy or rent.

The third place is a trail near the beach. This trail would lead to a high tech laboratory... which was weird.

The fourth place is an small amusement park with a ferris wheel and a few other rides.

The fifth location is my favorite, which takes place on a foggy hill which leads to a gothic building.

The final place is a restaurant near my place. The place looks like a store/arcade/restaurant/bar all in one.

I ask if this is normal because I am starting to see the dream city in which I made again. I'm not scared of this, just fascinated by the details my 4 year old brain created.

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  • Wow I have these in my dream too, not exact but similar.

    For me it's a few stores I visit frequently. Some are food stores whilst others are similar to target and have everything. There's also a pizza parlor, a florist, several schools elementary, high school, college, a few different hotels, fairs, an arcade, a few different amusement parks, regular parks, a beach and neighborhoods that don't exist in real life but are always there when I'm in my dream world.

    I'm actually crazy shocked at how you have a similar dream world to mine

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  • I believe this is how we sort things out in our heads as we sleep. I see the house/cars I dream about as symbolic of ME. I was excited when it became more of a town because to me that says I am developing and growing. Those of us who dream like this are lucky - it's like going to the cinema some nights!

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  • Gothic pizza parlour sounds awesome and yummy.

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  • Gothic and pizza kinda do go together. Thats tight

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  • Many dreams have weird settings. I've made many places in my dreams, including things like a Russian mall and Santa's castle.

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  • Not really strange at all, but still cool. I wish my dreams had more goth pizza

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  • I have whole other worlds in my dreams.

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