I have special words and phrases for things

For pretty much my whole life I've made up my own words for things (sort of?),,first example I can remember is when I was 14 and my mom showed me this computer game called Chuzzle. Once you reached a certain level a padlock would pop up and prevent you from moving a whole row of Chuzzles. Now in every game I play if there's any sort of blockage I call it a "padlock" even if that's technically not what it is. Earlier this year I got a Nintendo Switch and I've made up names for the enemies in the Mario game; for example the turtle-like creature that throws fire is a "fire throwing turd." Me and my bf at the time were always hanging out with his neighbor and she's really wacky and calls everybody a turd, so that's where that stemmed from.

One of my cats looks like an alien because of her small head, big ears and slanted eyes. Especially in the dark when her eyes dilate. I call it her "alien face", and her "exploding purr" is when she purrs so hard she nearly explodes. And other little things...I started calling Harry Potter "Harry Porter" because my friend spelled it that way once. And when I'm grocery shopping I say goofy things like "hamburglar buns." Am I a weird person? Haha.

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  • I call spaghetti Italian noodles

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  • I used to call apple juice chickatoo when I was a little kid.

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  • There are local dialects that make language more fun and distinct.

    Prime example of wisconsin and the upper peninsula is the word bubbler.
    Which came from a manufacturer whose name is bubbler, that made drinking fountains. Thus bubblers are a common word for drinking fountains.

    Ironically enough when I was stationed on the USS germantown the scuttlebutt (water fountain) was manufactured by the bubbler company. I called it a bubbler and out of 500 people only 2 knew what I was talking about.

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