I have re-occuring places and people in my dreams

Since I was about 13 I have had people and places that occur in my dreams almost every night that are not real. Some of the people tell me their names because I asked them eventually. There are stores, towns and houses that reoccur a lot. I can walk from my neighborhood to them though they don't really exist. The people give me advise, some of them are very mean and always have been. they have a consistent personality. My dreams are very vivid and color and senses like touch, taste and smell are present. I remember them perfectly for about an hour after waking up and they can take up what seems like a day of time to finish sometimes. I have learned to ignore the more troublesome dreams but I don't like some of the people. One of them is very violent. He will murder family members and point out painful flaws I have constantly. I can guess this isn't normal, but I'm hoping it is. I would be happy if even one person could say they knew what this is like. Is this normal for anyone? I am Bipolar...I know vivid dreams are common with bipolar people....

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  • I have recurring fictional places in my dreams, too. Also whole dreams that repeat, or theme and variation dreams. My dreams are vivid in terms of how well I remember them, but am almost never of aware of color in my dreams.

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  • I'm not sure how I feel about dreams that are in foresight of the future... however on another note, my mother has these kinds of dreams. not so complex but she will see a place in her dreams and later we will visit it or an event or death will occur shortly after her dream about it. Mine however I am sure are not real. One is named Max, but the stuff that takes place is too fantastical to be a person. And also too horrifying. it's very good that I know this, I would be so paranoid if I thought they could exist. Then there's my brother, he dreams occasionally about making toast... and thats where the excitement ends. I wish I could sleep like that, not having any sort of drama and just wake up refreshed. But good thought, I think there are many types of dreamers, quite possibly some that can fore-see things too come.

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  • Dreams like that are gifts, they enable you to foresee things, just because you haven't met those people yet, doesn't mean they don't exist. Go on Myspace or Facebook and look up their names or do something? I think dreams are extremely important, don't just ignore the troublesome dreams, they could be telling you something.

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  • My dreams are super vivid and they feel like memories to me either then dreams. I think mine are of the future though because the vivd dreams always come tue months or years later exactly like in the dream. Like I have been dreaming about this girl who I will befirend, date, impregnate, leave her, get shot by her, and then get back together lol and I met her in june and she had dreams about me too!

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  • I have very vivid dreams too... and I often wonder if I might be bi-polar. I show many of the signs...

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  • I'm not bipolar but this is normal for me. My dreams aren't as vivid to where I can retain them as memories after I wake though I do know the general jests of my reoccurring dreams.

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  • That sounds very interesting.. I don't really know what to make of it any more than you do.

    You've just reminded me of when I was around 13 - 15 I had many many dreams of me in the future where I had a daughter, and I was friends with her dad but we weren't together. I knew exactly what they both looked like, I knew where I met the guy, and I knew my daughter's name but I don't remember the name of her dad.

    I also had bipolar symptoms at the time, I still do to an extent, but I've never had a diagnosis or looked into getting one.

    I have a lot of vivid and very similar dreams, many of which have come true.

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