I have nothing to say to anyone i know anymore

i usually feel moved to communicate with those i best know and love who live long distance, but lately i have nothing to say. i have no drive to communicate--if someone calls me, i can have a nice conversation, but i have no desire to respond to or to send emails, i have recently cancelled my facebook account, i don't have a legitimate urge to call anyone at all, even people i usually feel anxious about not talking to for longer periods of time...in my whole life, i've never not cared as much as i don't care right now.

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  • i think many people including me have felt the same at some point in their lives. it could be spurred on by an event that made you see the world and the people around you in a different light. you have matured and you prefer to have a more individualistic fun loving group of close friends who you can truly be comfortable with enough to reveal as much of your private self as you can. depression is caused by this and not the other way around. well its never to late to make some new friends.

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  • Did anything happen to you recently that has had a negative impact on you. It sounds like you are either bored with your old friend's. Or something has happend to make you have no motivation. If you have just outgrown and have becomed bored with them it's normall this happens to everyone with certain people. I would suggest maybe going out and sociolising if you have the energy to meet new people as someone new might spark your interest in trying to talk to people again.

    If not you may be suffering from slight symptons of depression or just in a rough patch.And all you want is your own personal space atm which is fine as well.

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  • Did something traumatizing happen to you?

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  • this is a tough one cuz i feel the same way too these days. Im also pretty sure i have at least a slight case of depression as well. IDK, my deal is my friends are also part of my career as well as part of my social well-being so if i stop communicating to them, it all goes to hell.

    it sux to have to email and phone the people you love.
    im all about the face-to-face, but when they live on another frickin continent, it's pretty hard to pack up and visit as much as I'd like.

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  • If you are feeling depressed you should talk to someone about it. The worse thing you can do is try to deal with the way you are feeling all by yourself.

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  • yeah i know what you're talkng about. facebook sux anyway. sending messages or phoning is ok to some people but i see no sense in that. yeah long distance friendships suck, my best friend just moved 600km away last weekend. but rather that sending mails or something, i'd like to visit him once in a while, save some money and party with him. 10 times better than sending some shit over like everyone else.

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