I have been obsessed with the same show for a long time

I have been obsessed with the same show for nearly 7 years and It hasn't even toned down. I still watch anything that has to do about the shows and even fanfiction about the characters. It has taken over everything, I cant even read normally without substituting the books characters with the shows characters. Same with shows too, I always imagine its those charaters.

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  • Why do I feel like it’s Supernatural ?

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  • Sounds like autism, I'm autistic and I do this exact thing too! I've been fixated on the show Invader ZIM for 7 years now.

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  • I would say it's not normal, but it sounds like a special interest which is common in people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder, sometimes asperger's syndrome or just autism). speaking from experience. try some research but avoid AutismSpeaks (a hategroup masking as support).

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  • Better than joining a protest to raise my taxes.

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