I have an obsession with my boyfriends hand

I always thought it was so weird to be in love with my boyfriends hands, and believe it or not but I melt everytime I see them. They also sort of turn me on. Is this a normal thing for relationships?

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  • Well foot fetish seems common 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t seem to different.

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  • I dunno, is it normal to forget my beloved poll when you ask a question?

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  • Hand fetishism or hand partialism or also Quirofilia is the sexual fetish for hands. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific area such as the fingers, palm or nails, or the attraction to a specific action performed by the hands; which may otherwise be considered non-sexual—such as washing or drying dishes. This fetish may manifest itself as a desire to experience physical interaction, or as a source of sexual fantasy.
    Hand fetishism is recognized by the porn industry; however, it is one of the least common fetishes, despite foot fetishism being the most common.
    Hand fetishism is usually based in the biological indication that a partner is healthy and a good potential mate.

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  • Hands can be very sexy.

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  • Oh yea, I have a hand fetish too haha. Especially hands with tattoos.

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