I have a thing for my neighbour's car

She's kind of sexy but pretty self-obsessed. She has this enormous car that is usually in one of the spaces I can see from the upstairs window. I love looking at it and I've washed it for her. It gets filthy especially inside. I wash where he feet have been and she gets right back in with dirty boots and runs over crap and rubbish and stuff where our road is a tip.

Where it get narrow she doesn't wait or pull in. She goes up on the grass and ruts it.

She used to have a smaller car which was her first one ever but I didn't feel the same about that car. She sold it when it got damaged after she reversed it over a bike.

I'd fuck her in that car in my imagination.

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  • So you're not attracted TO the car, you just like the thought of fucking her in it. Not weird.

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  • Ok so your into the girl not the car. so thats normal.

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  • This sounds like a healthy adult fetish. Try to see if she might be into it as much as you are. Maybe you can turn your fantasy into reality.

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