I have $1 million in collectors items, iin?

I have appraised the value of my collection at over $1 million. It includes collections of various pewter and ceramic fantasy themed miniature figures mostly dragons and sorcerers. I have been buying them from crafts fairs for over 20 years and my entire bedroom is full of them. I wonder if its time to cash out and buy a couple of houses, my interests have changed and I have a girlfriend now.

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  • proof

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  • i estimate my beanie baby collection at five million dollars. I also have a billion dollar pet rock collection. when they aliens invasion force arrives and we all know they will. i setting up shop.

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  • South America is also nice. Got to love Brazil.

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  • Wow, you must be a shrewd investor/collector.

    Why don't you enquire at the local auction house regarding the current state of the market for your exquisite pieces.

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  • Bro, move to south east Asia and never work again it's 10x cheaper here than western countries at least.

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