I hate when someone says 'am i the only one'

This is not is it normal question. Just venting. For instance, "Am I the only one who likes pineapples on a pizza"? "Am I the only one who loves (insert the most mainstream celebrity/song here)"?

For fuck sake, you will never be the only one to hold that opinion considering there are billion of people who no doubt will share the same opinion as you. You will never be the only one. You're not fucking special. It's whether you're intentionally seeking attention and validation by asking this dumb question or you're a special kind of idiot who doesn't know how the world works.

The "you" here is that person who asks the "Am I the only one" question, obviously.

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  • Am I the only one annoyed at your rant? XD

    On a serious note, people use that phrase to provoke a response. If you just say I like X thing calmly, people may not even pay attention. Especially if you're hanging out with multiple people. But if you ask in such a way to make people think about what you said, you can get a discussion.

    That's how I see it anyway... It's a damn lot better and less annoying than using this "#" symbol wrong. This "#" is a number sign.

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  • Nah you’re the only one getting salty about it.

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  • Am I the only one triggered by this post?

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  • Have you heard of a hyperbole? They're not asking if they're the *only person in the entire world* who thinks something. It's an exaggerated way of asking if an opinion is unpopular or unusual.

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  • I'm very tired, I just cut and split the narliest, thickest god dam tree ever. to tired to read......................................

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  • Damm!

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  • Someone needs a nap. I doubt they think they're "the only one." Asking the question includes other people in an otherwise self-centered statement.

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  • Get used to it. Everyone is a self centered moron. Including you.

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