I hate ugly party sluts

I'm talking about the useless lazy good for nothing whores who drink and party all the time. They always do drugs and drink and they look way older than their age. They're jealous of pretty shy smart girls. They contribute nothing to society.

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  • This sounds like a personal problem to me. Whatever the skanky chick at the party said to offend you try not to take it too personally, and try to understand that the bullshit this person is trying to perpetuate says more about her than it does about you.

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  • They make good cum dumps and gang bangs

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  • I used to be one of those party sluts except that I wasn't ugly. I stopped partying hard and started to read books and get early nights. The women who kept on partying had lots of kids and didn't stop partying. They probably hate me because I refuse to join them in their miserable shenanigans. I don't hate them, though.

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  • Jesus

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