I hate the mentally handicapped?

Pretty self-explanatory. I just really hate them with their retarded faces and shitty behavior. I don't think they should be allowed to breed.

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  • You really should learn to love yourself.
    Don't think of yourself as retarded. Think of yourself as one of God's "special" children.

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  • They didn't choose to be the way they are. Yet you're hating them for it. No, it's not normal to hate them at all.

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  • its usually smart asses like you that rape them. what makes you think they ever breed. most retards arise from spontaneous mutation not incest you dweeb. Thing is karma now guarantees if you ever breed you kid will be a retard. happy fucking you nitwit.

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  • I don't hate retarded people, I couldn't ever see myself to do that. But I don't think that no matter what they do should automatically be excusable just because of their condition.
    It shouldn't be like in that Family Guy episode where Peter walks into women's bathroom stalls and says "I'm retarded, don't know better", and the women just laugh and say "awww, that's OK, you're just curious ".

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