I hate my own best friend

Do i have the right to dislike her?
Recently she has picked up this new bitchy attitude, constantly insults me, puts me down, competes with me, always talks about herself, she gets really angery with me for even having other friends and insults them too. By recently i mean almost a year. I gave her time to redeem herself but its just getting worse. She is possessive and overbearing but we go to collage together and its almost impossible to create space. Is it normal to just want out rather than trying to change her? I know she will react badly if i try confronting her.

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  • Yes and she should no longer be your best friend. It can be hard to cut ties with a close friend but you shouldn't put up with that. Very immature behaviour from her, teenage girls can act that way due to insecurities but anyone with some emotional maturity should have outgrown it by the age when you go to college. Not sure how you can distance yourself fully from her but you should try to talk to her about what's going on and tell her the friendship is over if she won't stop what she's doing to you. You can also just distance yourself more and more, say that you are busy etc until she gives up on the friendship herself if you think confronting her wouldn't work well.
    It's not a healthy friendship to stay part of anyway.

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  • Run

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  • Ditch the bitch... I know it's hard but run away asap. People like that only keep you around until they find a way to use you as a part of their schemes, hurting you along the way.

    I had a friend like that, and I saw what type of person they were but I ignored it because I didn't have anyone else. That ended up costing me a year and a half in depression. So when you see that your friend is becoming that, have no hesitation.

    Ofcourse, I'm not saying you shouldn't have best friends... Just be careful who you pick and remember it doesn't have to be a lifetime duty.

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  • You can't "change" her. You can't change anyone. You don't have those kind of super powers. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Stop pretending to be someone's friend when you hate them so. The only thing worse than obnoxiously rude people like your friend is fake people like you.

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  • You're both in college? Just phase her out by doing different things

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  • Yeah you either need to start setting healthy boundaries, or if the relationship is toxic, get out.

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  • I dont think its normal, no
    Id say you should try to talk to her about it, and if she doesnt change then i agree with Cable4nerds that you should try to distance yourself.

    Im sorry though, really.

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  • she single?

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  • If she’s that awful, distance yourself. Either respectfully tell her how you feel or just slowly cut her off. People change and grow apart all the time, known when it’s time to do the same.

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