I hate Music in school

I dont like music, there is no reason to have music lessions in school because music is just a hobby. Kids who play an instrument gets extra lessions because they thinks its fun. IS IT NORMAL TO HATE MUSIC BECAUSE ITS POINTLESS?

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  • For people who enjoy music, it has benefits that extend far beyond being a mere pasttime, and a lot of students who wouldn't bother trying it out otherwise get a chance to see if it's for them when it's required in early schooling. The same goes for art, although to a lesser extent, as artistic tendencies often express themselves regardless. I'm sorry you hate music, but we can't just ignore the aspects of human culture that make life something more than blind survival in a cold universe.

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  • I don't think it's normal. I took ballet for many years growing up and also participated in the marching band in high school. When I was in college I was always going out to clubs to go dancing or hear live music. I also went to a lot of rock concerts, ballet, opera and even musicals. Music makes life so much better. I can't imagine life without music and dance. Children need to be exposed to the arts and to sports!

    Video games on the other hand, I could care less if they ceased to exist tomorrow.

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    • video games are an art though. be lucky we have them because one of their uses are being outlets for violent people. if they'd suddenly disappear you can expect crime rates to rise

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  • Music is more useful than math or science, at least its enjoyable to some people. Only assholes like science or math.

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  • As a musician I could not agree more. We don't have fishing or backgammon is school.
    I can understand the importance in giving kids hobbies, but am not familiar enough with how programs are funded in your area to make a judgement on whether or not this ought to be the school's role. Generally speaking it is my dream that schools would be there for the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, but unfortunately it is very foolish to consider schools to have anything to do with those in practice.

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  • They need more math and science

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