I hate micronesians

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve hated Micronesians. I’m not racist in a way I hate other races or think one is more superior than another but I hate Micronesians so much I don’t even think of them as a race, they’re like something else.

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  • What about Macronesians, are you in favor of them?

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  • You can't feel the way you do and not be racist, obviously. Unless you were trying to make a joke.

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  • I've never met one, they're really too small a group for me to form an opinion on them.

    I don't think it's necessarily racist to dislike the "stereotypical" culture of a certain group and to criticise bad ideas within a culture. What's "racist" is to assume that people can't change and that "inferiority" is just inherent and biological.

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  • Why?
    I knew and worked with 3 for 1 year.
    They were polite, hard working, good humored.
    Nice to work with and drink with after work.
    Paid taxs, took care of their belongings.
    What is it you hate?

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  • I don't know who Micronesians are and I doubt most other people do either.

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  • It's like you have nothing better to do.

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  • How the hell do you even know about them? I've never heard of them. Lol, well, I suppose your in luck. They are such a small group that you won't be faced with them every day.

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