I hate lazy welfare queens and kings

I'm not talking about the people who actually need it like the elderly or the disabled and i can understand if you're temporarily laid off and need assistance until you find another job. I'm talking about the lazy bums who sit around on their butts doing nothing and keep popping out kid after kid. It makes me sick how they can cheat the system for years and years sucking away people's hard earned dollars. These bums should have their welfare and food stamps taken away and be forced to get jobs. I'm proud to say i work both my parents and everyone in my family works. My dad's retired now but he worked his butt off. I just really hate lazy people.

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  • I feel messed up but...I kinda get it. I live around a lot of these people, they do exist.:/ However we still shouldn't make assumptions about others. A lot of the people that I live around really are mooches, but I still think that MOST of them are just people who kinda just get jaded with life and get stuck with their wheels spinning so to speak. These two "types" of people can look superficially similar, but they are very different from each other beneath the surface.

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  • Those people suck

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  • You revealed something in "popping out kid after kid" though: Many of these people have children. The type of people you described who are truly cheating the system (which I believe to be a minority) are very often the type of people who will still refuse to work or constantly be fired. Bringing the hammer down on them creates a lot of childhood suffering. Besides, there's just no effective way to separate them from the rest. They're a minority though at the end of the day so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

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