I hate facial hair

I am comfortable with my body hair and head hair and they don't bother me at all but I hate my facial hair. I developed thick and rough facial hair when I was just 17 year old. It grows so fast that I can't see myself clean shaved. It always has a stubble. I don't like the way I look with it. When I grow it is tickling and uncomfortable. When it's short is tickling and uncomfortable because I have sensitive skin and this make me easy feel it. Especially when I lay down. I wake up every morning tickling sensation and itchiness on my neck. I hate shaving with manual razors because the budget for it is expensive and because my facial hair gets stuck in them and I need extra water to clean them. They wear out fast and always and always have to buy a new one. I use electric razor now but my neck skin react really bad to it and I don't get as smooth as with manual razor and the stubble is more uncomfortable. I am jelaus of people that don't grow a beard and grow sparse facial hair that grows slowly. They are so blessed and I wish I was in their shoes. I see many men do grow facial hair as mine that I had in 8th grade when I was 14. Back then I used to shave once a week or even less and used to never think about it or be annoyed by it. If I take a photo of my face you will be able to see how much active follicles I have. My entire cheeks are growing fur and I have terminal hairs all over my neck. I used to love the fact that I was born a male until 11th grade. Then I started more and more to wish that I was born a girl so I don't grow a beard. They don't grow beards except in extraordinary cases. I am planning to get a wax at least get rid of this shit for 3-4 weeks a month.

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  • Yeah normal just like I hate pubic hair on women.

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  • Just grow a beard and mustache and trim it nicely. It will feel a lot better, and nicely trimmed beards look great.

    You will have to do minor shaving to trim it, but its not very obvious when the stubble appears, nor does it feel that bad because its usually just the neck and perhaps up the side of the cheek.

    I had a beard and mustache for decades in my younger years. The beard finally went due to my not being able to wear a respirator at work (and I liked the job) and my mustache only about 6 years ago as my wife didn't like it.

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  • Laser hair removal

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  • Tough being a woman isn't it?

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