I hardly see my friends

I'm 27 and currently I'm down to about 4 friends give or take who I actually hang out with. My problem is that I feel that I don't see much of them that often. Out of the 4 I have one friend who probably only wants to hang out every 6 months! The others I see a bit more but still only every month or so. I don't usually go out with all of them as they are individual friends and were not a group of friends. At most I'll be seen in a group of 3 when I'm out but usually 2. But anyway on average I probably see my friends about once a month. This can vary a lot but I'd say this was the average. Is that normal for somebody my age?

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  • At that age you have to make more of an effort and travel further to maintain friendships. It helps if you have some weekly activity like an intramural sports league to do together.

    Though part of growing up is knowing you don't have to stand in the lunch line with your friends everyday to have a strong bond.

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  • Normal if you're a hideous skanky crack addict!

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