I had this dream where

Where I was at school working and then in that dream I see myself dying by hanging and teachers and the people around me were not listening then everyone said I deserved it.

Maybe I was thinking about something else when I had dreamt this.

Is this dream trying to tell me something?

There has to be a logical explanation.

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  • School environment is either literal: you are having feelings about your experience at school or it’s simply about learning in life. The hanging part and death indicates that you feel you are being forced to suppressed feelings and your truth and suffering as a consequence. Where in your life or in school are you feeling like you cannot be yourself with punishment? Are you not allowed to think or speak for yourself or against the crowd or status quo without consequences? have you recently learned something that you disagree with and can’t talk freely about it?

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  • this is normal. i don't think it's trying to tell you that this will happen in real life or anything awful like that. dreams are usually trying to tell us something about ourselves emotionally. every person in your dream is a part of your mind so that includes the teachers and everyone at school. a part of your mind is destroying itself, hence the suicide, and calling out for help and the other parts of your mind aren't listening. but idk the specific way in which you need help bc idk you

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  • An astral entity in close proximity to your sleeping body is invading your dream state and causing you to have unpleasant thoughts of a judgemental nature. It syphons energy from you as it does this.

    Pay it no mind at all. It’s nothing but garbage, put on you by the worthless scum of another realm. I’ve been there several times and consciously seen it all happen as I describe.

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  • See a therapist or counselor. This could be an underlying problem that might actually push you to suicide irl.

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  • Maybe you have low self-esteem or feel guilty about something.

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