I had a strange de ja vu experience in my dream, and in reality

I remember a very strange experience that I had last year in one of my dreams that turned out to be déjà-vu.

So basically the dream starts off when I am sleeping in my bed, in my room. My mom comes in and wakes me up for dinner, I get up and walk to the dining room and see my dad sitting at the table eating fish and chips....then the dream suddenly ends.

But then the same occurrence happens again in reality....I wake up, not because I choose to, but the fact I was awoken by my mother, she tells me it's dinner time. I get up walk into the hallway of the dining area and see my dad ... sitting at the table eating .....fish and chips.... ironically I'm wearing the same pants from the dream. At this point I am confused, questioning things. Did I just experience a glitch in the matrix????? Déjà-vu??? I wasn't too sure what was happening but As I sat at the table eating, I had a lot in mind.

My dad said it was probably déjà-vu.

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  • Yeah sometimes dreams and reality kinda merge. i don't think theres any scientific explanation for it, it just kinda happens. Theres been many occurances in my life where I'm going to new places and realize that i've been here before, like FOR SURE, i've seen this in my dream.

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  • A boxer named Ray Robinson refused to fight on fight night because he had a dream he killed his opponent in the ring. They called in a preast who assured him it was just a dream. They talked him into the fight and he went out and knocked the guy dead with a left hook.

    I always thought that was super strange and its not bullshit because its all on camera. You can see the preast and the promoters talking him into it.

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  • I realised how peculiar and odd dreams can be.

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  • That happens to many people. It's happened to me many times. Dreams can predict the future sometimes. For example, in middle school (I don't recall in which grade) I had a dream that in chemistry class, the teacher said a very specific quote (I don't remember what it was). Then, in high school, when I took AP Chemistry, the teacher walked to the exact same spot in the room, I was seated in the exact same spot in the room, and the teacher said the exact quote word for word.

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