I had a dream, that pennywise the clown was chasing me down a dark hall.

I had this dream a long time ago, but It was scary.

Pennywise from it, came into my dream and he started chasing me down a long dark hall. It seemed to go on forever and ever, The more I tried running, the longer it took to escape. I kept looking back to see if he'd get any closer but he didn't. He just kept chasing me.

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  • You might shift those nightmare images out of your head by replacing them with those from this porn parody of IT:


    Wonderful confirmation of the validity of Rule 34.

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  • Better than me chasing you down a hall with a claw out I can tell you.

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    • All i can is imagine you dressed as Wolverine, chasing me down a long hallway in the dark.

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  • Was pennywise I movie? I see his pictures alot

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