I had a dream i exorcised a demon...

hi all.

I just woke up, I'm still trying to catch my breath. Recently i just had the most terrifying dream ever that it almost feels like something just tried to kill me either in my sleep or possess me during my sleep. basically what happened is that I dreamt that there was this mass Demonic plaque that occurred, and people were getting abducted and possessed.

So at the beginning of my dream i was an Exorcist and I remember I was fighting against some kind of devil and managed to successfully purge it back to hell. Later on, there's a moment where this woman who i assumed was possessed tried to turn me and have me possessed. I knew that she was no normal by the way she tried blowing into my face and i had to cover my mouth and nose the entire time.

may i add, that I did not choose to pray for protection against satan and his devils and i have in real life used an ouija board. By the time I woke up, my head was pounding and my heart felt weird while struggling to properly breathe.

This dream had only occurred after i watched the fourth kind. i'm still so tired but had to come here to talk about it because it's so sudden. I would also like to say, that in 2020 i have seen what appeared to have looked like a demon in the dark while I was leaving the dining area of my house, looking right at me with intimidating red eyes.

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  • Fuck I remember that movie, it sucked assssss.

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    • i honestly didn't understand much of it except the scary parts and that was it.

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  • Dreams are nothing more than random crap churned out by our minds when we relinquish conscious control of our thoughts. You watched a (really bad) scary film, your subconscious decided to riff on that and mix it up with other ridiculous nonsense you apparently believe in, and so you had a scary dream.

    Wow. How freaky and unique, dude. Like something similar doesn't happen to literally millions of people every night.

    If you're regularly hallucinating demons lurking around your house or wherever, you're either overdoing the drugs or you should seek the advice of a doctor.

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    • i've always sort of thought i was going mad. and have been thinking of seeing a doctor. But i'm not on any kind of Drug.

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