I had a dream about seeing a burglar in my house but didn't feel scared

Anyone had similar dreams? In my dream I saw the burglar standing inside my bathroom with wide open door and aiming a gun at me. In real life I probably would be scared but wasn't here. Its not because I felt tougher than them or anything, nor do I want to die. Wasn't fully aware I was dreaming either but there and then it just felt so unrealistic having someone break into my house and without me noticing, I just straight up told them "I don't think you exist" in a calm skeptical voice. And carefully tried to touch them to be absolutely sure when it was already like 90%. They then took of their mask and they were completely lacking eyes and nose. I really wonder how a real burglar would have reacted to "I don't think you exist"...

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  • Dreams like that are what lend credence to the idea that dreams help prepare us for happenstance; unexpected warrior (or assailant in modern times), falling dreams, dreams where you're constantly running

    Personally I do feel confident I can squash my fears in such an incident. My life or theirs, my life is worth defending and in that moment all that matters is beating whoever opposes my existence, thus the rationalization to extinguish my fear, focus on relaxing my heart, breathing calmly, drop any personas and go full analysis mode

    I've heard it said dreams are one way the subconscious can talk to you. Maybe it's possible it's trying to toughen you up, show you how you respond to plot twists. I mean you're admitting to yourself that if you meet someone who might want to ultimately kill you you would be too busy shitting your pants to prevent it

    Life is full of surprises, nothing is guaranteed or promised, not even the breath you take.

    There's a story with like a cricket and a frog, a cricket who gathered food and supplies and a frog who lazed around. Then a twister comes in to destroy everything, and both are devastated

    The moral here is that you can't prepare for every conceivable happening, but you can be ready to handle anything that comes your way

    That cricket has a lot of experience building shelter and collecting food. The frog won't be efficient or productive at all.

    So the thinker here is, how do you handle unexpected things in your life? Does your dream lead you to think about things you've experienced?

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  • Oh I had this dream one night I was like lying on my stupid futon couch foldout
    Bed. And it was like really hot it just started summer, and um it was really
    Hot. I had like no fan or anything. I was lying there and I had this weirdest
    Weirdest weirdest like nightmare. I had this nightmare where they're like
    Dreams but they're not dreams they're real ya know you feel as though you're
    Alive when you're dreaming, you think you're alive when you're dreaming. I had
    This dream where this angel was coming up, like up my fire escape cause I don't
    Have bars on my windows cause I don't believe in bars on my windows. And she
    Was there in my room I was lying there and she came and she kissed me and I
    Woke up and I must have cum. Do you believe in angels.


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  • Not in particular but I have had dreams where I use self-defense on my enemies.

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  • My phone alarm would go off, id see the intruder on camera in my living room on an app on my phone, id grab my AR15 and think "Finally the day has come. Thank you jesus..."

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  • I feel turned on during dreams where I get kidnapped by serial killers

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