I got permanently suspended from reddit

I got permanently suspended from reddit a couple of days ago. Apparently, I engaged in "ban evasion," meaning I posted in a sub I was banned on with a different account. The thing is I had done this before. Way back when I had my first account. I had got banned on a sub and deleted my account later because I was taking a break. I came back and posted in that sub again and wasn't suspended or banned.

Even funnier is that one of the mods is engaging in ban evasion. You can still see their banned account in the mod list and then their new account with the same name. So, they have to know. And they break other rules too, like no hate speech, doxing, harassing, or attacking the community you are modding, but the admins do nothing.

It's hypocritical.

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  • Reddit is a mess. I used to go on some advice subs but got my comments removed for “gendered language”.

    Which sub are you banned from?

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  • Get off reddit, it's for shitty people with mommy/daddy issues

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  • You got banned from a cesspool of shitty people. Be glad

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    • True, but I am addicted to it.

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  • I've never been banned from Reddit, but I also barely post. I usually post a new thread instead of commenting, but my thread gets deleted more often than not. It's really frustrating. I read every rule, check other posts to make sure my post isn't too different in style, do a search to make sure my thing hasn't been posted a million times already, post, wait about an hour, and the thread's been taken down. Now I only post on subs that have no rules.

    And I practically never comment, mostly because I hate comment voting systems. They're fine when you're just shouting out something under someone else's content, like on Youtube, but if I'm trying to actually have a discussion, voting is toxic as hell. Dumb crap gets upvoted to the moon, which no one wants to challenge because they don't want to get downvoted. It stifles any real discussion from happening anywhere. On the occasions where someone does disagree with someone, one side of the argument gets downvoted so hard that the whole discussion is hidden, and most of the time the comments are deleted anyway even if you try to show them. Why would you ever talk to anyone outside of PMs?

    So Reddit is basically useless for anything besides pretending to be on Imgur, or pretending to be on Quora.

    I still go, but yeah, it's not exactly a place of freedom or equality.

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  • Reddit is filled with overly sensitive people now where if you don't agree with them and have your own opinion, they will ban you immediately. I got banned many times for doing nothing wrong, it's insane.

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  • I'm in the same boat.

    I got banned over a fucking joke.

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  • That doesn't really surprise me. They are also weirdly sensitive on Reddit. I've been mass downvoted over food preferences and saying I thought old people were cute, of all things. 🤣

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  • Can you please elaborate?

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  • I can't count how many times my posts have got removed from reddit for the most ridiculous petty rules.

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  • I found a nashville reddit it took me 2 comments to get banned. The comment I responded to was something like "Uggghhh so many hicks in this city. Back in California we domt have this problem. Theres so many stupid ppl here." Or something like that.

    I told shim to tell her friends how terrible it is so the californians will quit coming. I got banned the mod said "senselessly rude to others" when every comment on the whole nashville reddit is the gender crowd being rude. Only SJWs from outta state are allowed on that reddit. This was my introduction to reddit.

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