I got banned from sex education. a childhood story

Story time!
I remember I got banned from sex education in the first month in just because school thought I was gay.
All I got was "don't have sex, sex is bad" then banned. Mum explained to me that the school is wrong. A few years later, I got sex,
Am now a happier girl for it! Doctor says it's healthy, and encourages me.

Also in school (I used to be a boy), I used to get punished alot, I was a good kid, but I got punished for... Get this... Socialising with other girls, doing nothing, choosing sweet savoury things for lunch, drinking strawberry/raspberry juice, drinking strawberry milk, liking the colour pink, covering my personal school diary with pink flower sticks, studying makeup and beauty, being uncomfortable in the guys locker rooms.
I know what the school did was wrong. That's my childhood story. What do you think....?!

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