I get out of breath when i go up stairs

Is it normal that I am always out of breath when I ‘climb’ the stairs?

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  • No honestly. If this has only happened suddenly then you should really go for a checkup. Otherwise, you should probably just start exercising.

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    • Not necessarily. When I go to the gym I can usually climb about 80 floors in 30 minutes on the stairclimber machine. Sometimes at home I'll still need to catch my breath when reaching the top of the stairs

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  • Same dude. Same.

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  • Yes it's normal, I myself contrariwise get sore legs when I climb the stairs, lifts are an update, I see most people even taking the escalators nowadays.

    Walking up ol'-fashioned stairs is painful, one of the faux pas is when a person in front of you is walking very slowly down the stairs when you're also trying to walk downstairs, and that you can't make them go faster, it's a real pain in the neck when you need to rush home for a hot meal, or rush onto the bus to Port Noarlunga for a hotdog, even worse on Saturdays, when each bus is hourly you required to wait so long.

    All in all, climbing the stairs is worse than going down the stairs, also a real pain in the neck, because, not to be endured, you could get swelling in your ankles from the pain, or in your case, pain from lack of breathing, people to be despised and avenged upon.

    My advice is simply to take the lift or not go in such a multi-storey building, assuming you don't necessarily have to go there. That's my advice, so take it.

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  • For most of this lot…probably yes.

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  • M' good boi

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  • Work on your lung capacity do Bhujangasana every day for 10 minutes lose weight!

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