I get off to humiliating/revenge

I have this fantasy where my girlfriend that I cheated on gets revenge on me by keying and trashing my expensive car, like she would either tie me up and make me watch her do it, or send me video of her doing, all while shes laughing at me and calling me a fucking loser, telling me this is what I get for cheating on her. You see I have a passion for cars, and the hard work and money Ive put into mine, it would be so humiliating for a girl to destroy that while laughing and teasing me.

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  • I'll be honest. I don't believe in all this "sex positive" nonsense. Most would say that so long as it's consensual, it's ok.
    But really? You derive sexual pleasure from being emotionally abused, and having your hard work destroyed?
    I assume you don't actually want your SO wreak your car, but either way. It's not worth giving up your self respect and any relationship integrity with this sexual deviance.
    Have some self respect, and think "How does this affect my mental health, and relationships?".
    You're better than that.

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  • I'm gonna humiliate you over your gargantuan dong

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  • I don't see why you would be in such a situation. I have a wild imagination and it's not real, I don't know if I've done anything.

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  • I can do all that for you anyway

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  • oh megadriver you so weird

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  • I think its maybe niche but I wouldnt say abnormal. There are many many men who pay women to just talk to them like shit. Make them feel small. I like my boyfriend to make me feel vulnerable and like he's in charge of my body. Whatever floats your boat I say.

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