I get itchy skin after having a shower in the morning

I'm 18 years old and male. I live in Australia and ever since i can remember, i get really itchy skin after i come out of the shower in the mornings. I have tried different soaps, water temperatures etc. I have found that it is starting to sometimes happen at night when i have showers too.

Usually i find that if i go for a run and "sweat it out" and then have a shower, i won't get itchy skin.

What on earth is this, am i allergic to water lol? The itchiness is usually in my arms and my legs, sometimes on my chest as well. Its terrible, my skin feels kind of cold when it kicks in too.

Its not a rash and usually lasts for about 30 mins after the shower, its really annoying and painful, its impossible to ignore it.

The only real remedies i have found is heat, like heat lamps whilst getting dry or heaters etc.

Is anyone else the same or am i anti shower?
Is this NORMAL? Comments.

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  • umm i get itchy skin after having a shower aswell.. especially on my face, i feel like it dries it out.. if i put some moisturiser on it stops the skin feeling tight and itchy. :)

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  • Heya,
    I get the same thing - I only get the itches if I shower in the morning which I avoid. I asked a pharmacist and a doctor and they both put it down to minerals in the water settling overnight being remixed when you shower in the morning?? Anyway the pharmacist said to put lotion/moisturiser on straight after showering and ta da the itching will bugger off. My sister also had the itching and used to wash with tar soap - I didn't go down that road but I only use body wash not soap just incase it was an irritant.

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  • My skin is always itchy after taking a shower.

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  • Has anyone tried or can recommend roscara


    I hear it's good for itchy skin

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  • I have shared this problem. The solution, as you have found, is to exercise/work up that body temperature before showing. This solution works. Hypothesis? Blood capillaries expanding on exposure to the warm water after a nights sleep, over-stimulating nerve endings? Do morning exercise, take a shower in the evening, or at least a few hours post-wake up. Good luck!

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  • I live in Australia too and this morning after a shower my skin got itchy, it lasted for about half an hour. My arms and chest was very red, like a rash for about an hour.

    Thing is it have been a few months since it last happened, I was fine during summer time (its autumn now).

    Look up "Aquagenic urticaria" on Wikipedia, this might explain the condition.

    I haven't asked my doctor about this yet... ah.. maybe later in the week.

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  • Maybe ur so clean ( like when u brush ur teeth and u rub ur finger on them and they squeak ) lol. I get like that to!

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  • It happens to me after every shower on my neck.

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  • In some showers the water contains some kind of stuff that's also in bones (Don't know english word for it) and that might cause the itching.

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  • that happens to me if I run lol, my skin itches uncontrollably for like 30 min, scratching doesnt help. It usually goes away quicker if I don't scratch, whic is haard to do. I think it has to do with blood flow to the surface of my skin.. Idk, it hasn't negatively affected my health other than annoying me!

    unless it's just dry skin, just put lotion on after a shower, this should help the dry skin.

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  • yeah that happens to me all the time, u should get dressed right after stepping out of the shower if u have this problem. i hate it too :D

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  • in some parts of the world, water is better quality than in other parts.
    When i live in california, the water was fine and i never had a problem with dry skin. But after i moved to Nevada for a while, i noticed a difference in taste in the tap water, and after a shower i always had an itchy face. sometimes it began to peel.
    If you use lotion afterward you should be fine. and this is completely normal by the way :)
    take care

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