I get a slight liver pain whenever i eat a vitamin

I eat one vitamin C tablet, shortly after I get a slight pain in my liver. Do I have a fucked up liver?

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  • How do you even know it's your liver? Are you self diagnosing or was your sensitivity to vitamins actually diagnosed by a doctor?

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    • It's a spot in my right abdomen just below the rib cage. There are many reasons I don't want to see a doctor about this.

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      • Acid reflux. The C vitamin just by itself is giving you abdominal pain, since it's just the pill it's not travelling up your esophagus. Eat fruit not just a vitamin C pill.

        Vitamin C is in practically everything. You shouldnt need vitamin C supplements unless you are somehow exclusively eating cereal and meat.

        Eating 500% of your daily value of vitamin C is pointless. Your body takes 100% and dumps the rest in your urine. The process to break down a pill is more intensive on your digestive tract than normal food is.

        If you are sluggish bump up your vitamin As and Bs... through food.

        If the food is causing reflux just ingest sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or alka seltzer (sodium bicarbonate, aspirin, and a type of citric acid)

        If your not going to the doctor because of money those options will elevate the pain and are extremely cost effective.

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  • Slight pain is probably not cause for concern but you should just go to your doctor

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