I get a heavy accent when stressed

I get a sorta Russian accent when stressed out. it isn't forced and comes naturally from stress.

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  • Sometimes I feel like I gain a whole new accent when I am. Like idk where it came from. Or maybe I truly sound like my states accent it just suddenly comes on.

    “Dammit I guess I’ll go staht my cah go to the fahmas mahket”

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  • I guess it's normal. In the area I live in people speak with slang/ebonics. It's how I talked when I was a kid. I don't talk that way anymore, but if I'm truly pissed off, I suddenly start talking like that again. XD

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  • I'm imagining OP talking normally, then he gets a little stressed out and starts singing the USSR anthem...

    "Oh gosh this darn email won't open and I need to get the presentation done in 2 hours..."
    * communism increases *
    "CYKA BLYAT, idi nahui pizdets! Da comrade, I very stressed now! I get vodka to be calming of nerves! I is not talking funny, what you mean cyka? Dis normal way slav talk!"

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  • Yea... I sound Australian when I get stressed

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